Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter in Xi'an

Just wanted to throw in some great winter pictures. An unusual snowy season for Xi’an – been snowing flat out for almost 8 days with no end in sight. With little snow removal equipment the streets are crazy and we try to travel as little as possible – kind of nice for us actually. Taxis are hard to come by. Problem is that people in Xi’an continue to drive as if there’s no snow – don’t pay attention to pedestrians, drive unbelievably close to other cars, bicycles, buses. Many tires are bald, and a few people have put chains on their wheels. But there’s still bicycles, mopeds, and a variety of other vehicles on the roads, sidewalks, or wherever they can pass. We have seen several accidents, mostly fender benders, but could have been avoided if people would slow down a bit and stop. Have included pictures of our now unusable ping pong tables, a night shot in front of the Wild Goose Pagoda that was taken just after we went out for Tal's birthday at a local Italian restaurant, and a Chinese snowwoman.