Sunday, January 13, 2008

fountain madness

During December we had a great visit with the Rothman-Shapero clan from Toronto. I'm posting a video of one of the most memorable parts of their visit. We had gone to the Wild Goose Pagoda here in Xi'an where they have this nice fountain show several times a day. Some say the fountain show reminds them of Las Vegas, but having never been to Vegas, I have no comment. Anyway, the big wild goose pagoda (there's a small one too) itself is definitely Xi'an, not LV. It's one of Xi'an's famous landmarks - about 1350 years old, was built to house Buddhist sutras brought back from India.

The video shows Kobi and Gil Shapero, and Noam, prancing around the fountains during the show and trying to avoid getting wet. What it doesn't show is that, a few moments after the video camera was (unfortunately) turned off, the fountains directly below the steps they're walking on (you can see them in the video) erupted and they all got a nice sprinkle. Luckily, everyone was a good sport, and a good time was still had by all. Use your imagination. One could also ask what were the parents doing just filming this, without actually intervening, right?