Thursday, April 24, 2008

Views From a Student

In this blog, I am including a note written by one of my students. She has given me permission to post it here. I am posting it exactly as she has written it (grammatical and spelling errors included). She wrote it after several class and private discussions on the subject of Tibet and censorship, as she felt that I really didn’t seem to understand her points, or those of many of her classmates. My student stated that she feels her views represent the majority of Chinese people and, based on my conversations with other friends, students, and foreigners, I am inclined to think that she is correct.

Some additional information about this student, which I think is relevant, is that she is an amazing young woman. As “class monitor” she is always organizing other students, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met, and is always looking out for others. After one class, when the subject of family violence came up, she approached me afterwards regarding a friend of hers who comes from an abusive family. She was worried about her friend and wanted to know how she could best support her. I know her a little better than some of my other students as we volunteer at the same special needs orphanage, and have gone there together on one occasion. She has wonderful dreams about social justice, assisting the downtrodden, and empowering others.

Dear Linda:

I really want to write something for you about Chinese politics, especially Olympics and Tibet.

First, about Tibet.

1. Why does Da-Lai La-Ma ask for independence?

I do not think they ask for independence in order to protect so-called culture. I have three reasons.

A. Chinese central government does not resist or abolish their culture, even not limit. They can develop by themselves because Chinese central government gives them more right to govern their region than Han people. So in this point I want to ask “no destroy. Where is protection?”

B. Of course, everything will change as the time goes. Maybe their culture is gradually disappearing because of the influence of Han culture. But how to protect it effectively? It’s a long way to go and also they should use scientific method, our aim is to deal with things, not to make it mess.

C. If they really want to protect their culture, why do they do that kind of disaster? They rob shops, kill people, and fire buildings? So “protect culture” is just an excuse and a lie. If they really want to protect their culture, please communicate with our Chinese central government and also give their own methods about how to protect their culture.

So, I can say, the real purpose why Da-Lai La-Ma cause this big disaster just want to make things mess, cause chaos to get Tibet independent. Once Tibet is independent just as they expect, they can get more power and more right. So just for right, for power, they cause this disaster.

2.About citizen in Tibet

From some investigation and some information from my major teachers I can say majority of Tibet citizens are good. They love country, religion and culture. In their mind they really want to protect their culture and the place where they were born and grow up. So Da-Lai La-Ma make use of it. Most of them support our Chinese central government but they are utilized.

3. About CNN

Among us we hate CNN. It is not because it says something we cannot accept, just for it tell lies. Maybe it tells some truth, but half lie and half truth. For example, it use some photos, of course which are true, but CNN just take one part of that photo to tell audience something it want to tell. CNN misleads some audience and cause some misunderstanding. So among us there is this kind of saying: “Please tell truth. Do not behave like CNN.”

4.How does our Chinese central government do? Of course, everything has two parts. Da-Lai group must be responsible for it. However, how does our Chinese central government do? Every Chinese know our government gives Tibet more support and money, so we think Tibet citizen should be satisfied about it. But is it enough? More Tibet citizens have their own religion. We should help them to protect and put more care about their spirit not only money.

And also communication. This is the bridge of friendship. We should know what they really need. Not just money.

5. How about this Tibet issue?

I think it will be put down, our Chinese central government can deal with it and control it. Although it becomes bigger and bigger some good sides have appeared. Somebody has surrendered themselves. Now Tibet is in a normal atmosphere and people have a normal life.

6. How about international response?

I think this issue belongs to China. It should be deal with by Chinese government. Other countries do not have the right to deal with.